Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ticket predictions

Democrats: Senator Clinton and Barack Obama
Obama would make the ticket more appealing/personable and the call for change would be met. Also, the experience would season Obama for a stronger run in 8 years. The ticket would attract the most Democratic voters.

Republicans: Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson
Thompson would please conservatives who are not quite sure of Giuliani but would like him to see him in the WH and his demeanor would make the ticket formidable. Giuliani knows Thompson would have no interest in competing for the Presidency years later.

The tickets would maximize the Parties' strengths and would position them well for 3+ months of incredibly fierce campaigning.


SMP said...

OK, I'll throw in my 2 cents:

Democrat: Clinton and Dodd. She needs a rock (gravitas?) to backstop her. Dodd is actually a serious, respected candidate that even Peggy Noonan callas "reasonable". I don't think she'd go with Obama because she wouldn't want anyone to upstage her.

Republican: Romney and Hunter. He needs someone serious that will bolster his anti-illegal immigration stance. I don't think Giuliani will be able to recover after losing in Iowa, NH, and SC. he's losing big-time momentum. I'd like it to be Thompson and Hunter, but that seems like a pipe dream at this point (I'm still waiting to see how accurate the Novak column was that said Thompson had 1% in Iowa).

oneopinion said...

Democrat: I don't think Dodd adds anything significant in the way of change or experience. He's a well-worn insider.

Republican: If Romney wins the nomination then I agree with your analysis. But I don't think he can. Forbes wrote an article recently about how Giuliani is the only Republican who can compete in all of the Blue states. This is too critical to ignore if we want to win.

ddc said...

Giuliani-Rice (Condi, that is). It's 198% impossible, but I think it'd be a great ticket.

oneopinion said...

I have heard some talk of a Giuliani-Thompson or a Romney-Thompson ticket.

If one of those happens, the other may hook up with Huckabee or McCain. Some think combinations may start forming before/for Super Tuesday.

I would love to see McCain left behind.